Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Update on my gorgeous family for you all!!

Stu sharing his juice with baby boy
I made this hat and tanktop for Artha.

The California Pizza Factory!

My Boys!
I altered one of my friends dresses for her daughter. So to say thankyou she got us gift vouchers for the california pizza factory in Salt Lake. It was so yummy and nice to have a treat out for us all!

With Kez on the Square
Whenever we got to see Kez Phoeb's uses the time to collect as many leaflets and pics as possible!!

And some more!

Me and my dad! Thanks Grandma Rogers for sending Lucas his first ever suit coat!!
Lucas's 5th Birthday. He asked for a spiderman cake and not one to back down from a challenge this is what managed (with a little help from Stu with the web design!!)
Raiding the Christmas tree for candy!
Thanks Granma Guy for sending all the Candy!

Random Pics!

Phoebe's Birthday cake. The cake didn't rise as well as I wanted it to, I had to take the legs off to make it fit!!
Like peas in a pod?
Olive fingers!!
Making Dollhouse's with Cozy!

Some ones of the kids!

This is Phoebe after a trip to the hospital. Modeling her arm purse!! Thats what they call them here!!
When the Dads went out shooting Anna and I made dolls houses with Phoebe and Cozette. Not bad for a few card board boxes, sticky tape and a tonne of spare bits from around the house. The girls loved it. Especially because it was girl time!!
Winter at our house! Lucas in his new snow suit. He only had his pants and a teeshirt on underneath and he came in sweating!!
Our back yard. It goes up really far to the left!! Love it!!

Random pics and stuff I've made!

I'm tu
This is my fav one I've made. Took ages too but so worth he effort!!

This is Stu trying out his new pistol. We were out around the other side of Utah lake.
This was us trying to get a decent shot of him to use as a passport pic. He kept smiling and wiggling all over so this was a reject shot!! But far to cute not to show everyone!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Life in our new house! Aug 2009

Artha loves being in this. It means he gets to stand up!! He hates being on his back!

Lucas is going through the not wanting to have his picture taken so him being contained on the swing was the only time I could get some of him!!

While Stu's away the family will play!!